Animals have always been my passion.  Grooming allows me to combine my love of animals with my desire to work with my hands.  Fluff's goal is to provide customers with the comfort of knowing that their animals are being cared for by dedicated, competent, and enthusiastic hands.

Our Story

Animals are as important to us as our children.  Finding a place to love and protect your pet and knowing that they are safe and happy can be hard to come by.  My dogs and their care were the motivation for me to become involved in the pet care industry.  After earning my B.A. in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University I realized that my passion for animals was the dominating drive in my life.  I wanted to be able to provide people with the security of knowing that their animals were loved and taken care of in the way I wanted my own animals to be treated.  


It is important to me that humane animal treatment is the foremost concern at Fluff.  I will always strive to make sure that the health and happiness of every animal is the primary concern.  The nature of grooming can pose certain risks while at the same time is a necessary service to keep animals in optimal health.  Every animal that comes into Fluff will be evaluated to determine what is in the best interest for each pet before grooming can take place.